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2416 E Cumberland St, Philadelphia PA 19125 - We recommend parking one block up, next to Greensgrow Farms if possible! After you enjoy the art, grab some plants from Greensgrow, and enjoy a cold beer at Memphis Taproom.

Hours: 9am-8pm daily

(Be respectful, this is a residential block)

Lock code: 7607 (subject to change)


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How Do I View or Buy Art?

(Artists, keep scrolling down or click here for your info!)

Anyone is welcome to view the art, please tag the artist and the gallery on Instagram if you're posting pictures! In fact, that's the best way to help us grow the PTAG community! To open the gallery, line up the 4-digit code (7607) in the center, pull the lock down firmly to unlock it and when you lock up, scramble the numbers. Please rearrange the artwork neatly when you leave, this is courteous. The artist will label each work with their contact info and price, payable to their Venmo or Paypal handle. (Other possibilities include CashApp and Zelle). DO NOT LEAVE CASH in the gallery. Please comment on the photo of the piece you bought so that others know it's SOLD

Art is first come, first serve. The art will only be in the gallery for a maximum of 7 days. If you fall in love with a piece, don't wait because it will surely be gone tomorrow. We will do our best to replenish the artwork as soon as possible so that there is always a local artist to support. New artwork additions will be updated on the Instagram page and website as soon as possible.

What If I Can't Make It To The Gallery In Person?

Can't make it to beautiful Fishtown to buy art in person? You can still support the artists! Most artists will have an online store listed directly in their profile that you can order from! It's possible that the artist may be willing to pull the work and mail it to you as well (shipping fees are up to them). If that's the case, you'd want to send them a direct message to ask. You can also share their content on social media so that others can discover the artist.

 Philly Tiny Art Gallery is on InstagramTwitter​, Facebook, and TikTok but will mostly be active on Instagram.

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How Do I Add My Art?


Update - in effect 11/01/2021! Because the demand from artists to show their work is so high and the gallery is so, uh, tiny, there is a time limit. You may keep your work in the gallery for 7 days. I expect you, the artist, to keep track of this time frame yourself. If you are unable to pick up your work, you can donate the piece to the gallery for a "buy any artwork, get your artwork for free" to encourage shoppers. Artists are expected to take full responsibility of their work so that this gallery can run itself without constant intervention from the gallery director. Having a time limit in place also encourages shoppers to make their move.


Label the BACK of your art with your name, your Venmo/Paypal, your Instagram handle and any other contact info you'd like to include. You can also do CashApp or Zelle. To deter gallery vandalism, put prices on the back please. Make sure this info is firmly attached, as work will get shuffled around as new pieces come in. I recommend preparing the work to protect from rain and sun. Do not put anything wet, sticky or dirty in the gallery- I will immediately remove it and your work will no longer be accepted to the space.


Visit @philly_tinyartgallery on Instagram  for notifications of openings for new art. Make an Instagram post on your page, AND a (24 hour) story tagging the gallery, (include your price, too) as soon as you put the work in so I can reshare! UPLOAD A VERY CLEAR, CLOSE UP SHOT- shoppers love to see details. Include size and material in description. Keep promoting your item every day and tag the gallery as often as you want to make sure followers see your piece on Instagram. I'll do the best I can to promote each piece on my end, but please promote yourself as much as you can. Please be courteous to the other artists and arrange the work neatly so that they're all visible when you're done setting up your piece. Line up the 4-digit code (7607) in the center, pull the lock down firmly to unlock it, and when you lock up, scramble the numbers. 


The gallery dimensions are 16Hx16Wx6D. I recommend work no larger than 5x7 so there's room for multiple pieces at a time. The gallery is accepting work from all local artists and craftspeople. Do not leave artwork on top of the gallery if it is full. Unless we have a prior arrangement, do not mail art to me. Please DM me on Instagram about this.

I reserve the right to close off the gallery for temporary private installations, and will give artists ample notice. I may also include work from my personal network of artists from outside the local area from time to time, and will contribute my own work on a regular basis. 


Price to sell, but don't sell yourself short. Extremely valuable works are not recommended due to security limitations. 


I have secured the gallery to the best of my ability. I also have a camera on the gallery. If you feel nervous about putting something in the gallery, it's probably best not to. Add your work at your own risk. This is a lightly monitored outdoor gallery dependent on the honors system, be mindful that someone may walk with your art without paying for it. If that happens, you and I can make a post and hopefully the public will rally behind the artist and pay it forward, or another artist can volunteer to donate the proceeds of their sale to you. It's not recommended to put extremely valuable work in this gallery due to the Iimited security. The gallery is not responsible for stolen or damaged work.

Make an Instagram post AND story tagging the gallery as soon as you put the work in so I can reshare! Please arrange the work neatly so that they're all visible when you're done. PTAG is also on Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok although it will mostly be active on Instagram. If I didn't answer your question in this section, feel free to DM me on instagram. I am here to help. HAVE FUN, and thank you for participating! Please spread the word as much as possible!


Yes! Once your first item sells or is removed, you can add something new when there is space again. Ideally, you'll add a different piece than before so that every item that comes through the gallery is unique. It makes everything more exciting. 


First off, don't get discouraged. I don't sell everything I add, either. This is a new concept and a new gallery and the following is still growing. Try waiting a few weeks, add a different item, and a lower price point. Try a different color piece or work that is in a different style. Try adding Philly-themed work if you have it. Try getting better pictures or videos of it. Try promoting it more often. You're also welcome to come up with your own promotion (free gift with purchase, for instance) to encourage people to shop in the gallery.


Of course you can. If your piece does not sell in 7 days OR you're unable to pick up your work, we can run a "buy any piece in the gallery, get this piece for free" to encourage shopping in the gallery. If it is still there after 3 more days and you can pick it up, please do (so there’s room for more art)

I love this concept! How can I help?

If you have contacts with the press, we need to spread the word! Sarah is available for all interviews. Like, share, follow, spread the word! 

How can I say thank you?

Hint: I love art


Send me an email and you'll be the first to know when starter kits are available! Let's make it official. We want you to join our family of (someday) worldwide galleries!

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